Axis Mundi Advertising Rates

Would you like to help sponsor our free online magazine and advertise your pagan-friendly business or your pagan website in Axis Mundi? If you do not have a suitable advertising banner we can make one for you, based on graphics from your own website or from photos and logos you email to us (jpg or png formats preferred).

Attention Advertisers

Did you know that SOL Magazines has now received over 100,000 visits? If you advertise in the Axis Mundi Magazine your ad will also be advertised for free in Soul Searchers and vice versa! Our advertising costs are the lowest in our industry. If you write an article for our magazines then your advertising is free.

Contact Janine Donnellan (Editor) at:  for further information and payment details.

Advertisement Sizes and Costs

“Business card”………$10 per issue or $30 for 4 issues
“Quarter page”………$20 per issue or $70 for 4 issues
“Half page”………$35 per issue or $120 for 4 issues
“Full page”………$50 per issue or $150 for 4 issues

(Advertisement sizes are based on an A4 page)